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English Village Hidden by a Waterfall
Kanji 滝隠れの里
Location Statistics
Type Village
Located In Unknown
Realm Naruto
First Appearance TBD

Takigakure (滝隠れの里, Takigakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden by a Waterfall") is a village located in an unnamed country. Their current leader is Shibuki.

Around the time of the village's formation, the village tasked Kakuzu with assassinating Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage. When Kakuzu failed in this mission he was treated harshly and imprisoned, so in a violent hatred, he escaped and defected. Before leaving he took the secret of the village's prized Earth Grudge Fear along with the hearts of every elder of the village. At some point, the village came into possession of the Seven-Tails, making it the only known village outside of the five great villages to hold a tailed beast. This tailed beast was sealed into Fū, who was eventually caught and the beast extracted by Akatsuki, resulting in Fū's death. In the anime, based on what Deidara told Naruto Uzumaki, Fū was hated and neglected by her village, and that the citizens were glad that she was captured and killed. She was also one of the first two jinchūriki to be caught.