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Otogakure HQ
English Village Hidden by Sound
Kanji 音隠れの里
Location Statistics
Type Village
Located In Land of Sound
Realm Naruto
First Appearance TBD

Otogakure (音隠れの里, Otogakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden by Sound") was the personal hidden village of Orochimaru, which was founded for the express purpose of collecting ninja for his experiments and his quest to learn all techniques.

Initially, Orochimaru claimed that he founded this village so that skilled ninja would find their purpose in life without being beholden to the fickle and warmongering priorities of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. In actuality, Otogakure is not really a village, but a giant laboratory composed of various hideouts and bases scattered throughout the Land of Sound and various other countries. Otogakure's shinobi use a diverse number of techniques, which are mostly centred around the modifications resulting from Orochimaru's human experimentation.