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Race Human/Mage
Birthday December 28th
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 290lbs
Professional Status
Base of Operations Konoha
Personal Status
Relatives None
Debut TBA

Kurogami is a 21 year-old mage from the realm of TYPE-MOON's Fate/ series. He lives in the village of Konoha.



Kurogami was born from his dead mother. He lived with his dad till the age of 7 until he murdered him and burned down their house for unknown reasons. Kuro then checked into a mental facility for three years. It was then after he checked out, he met a strange man who gave him the void genome and taught him how to be the killer he is today. After five years Kuro left the and went to the Angel Griffith to train with him. It was then he gained Excalibur and was sent back down to Earth to fight for the greater good.


Kuro is fairly laid back and tries to make friends with everyone, which gets him in trouble most of the time. Kurogami is also a manic eater; he eats anything and everything to fill the hole in his life. He is also a major flirt, trying to charm his way through life by getting girls on his side and proposing one too many times. 

Special AbilitiesEdit

Saber Comman Seal
Kuro is a mage of the High Reapers. What this means is that he is among the top 10 mages in the universe. That said, he has the command seal of Saber. This grants him many abilities and techniques such as:
  • Super Human Reflexes
  • Demi-God Speed
  • Teleportasion- Kuro can teleport
  • Density Shift- Kuro can shift the density of many objects
  • Healing- Kurogami has the power to heal anything to 100% health and clear anything of its wounds
  • Flight
  • Superhuman speed/reflexes
  • Crystals - As a consequence of his dysfunctional Void Genome, he is able to crystallize anyone he wants to with his right hand.
  • Time alter- Time alter - double accel (固有時制御二倍速, ?) is his most used version, allowing him to move faster than the human eye can see. It speeds up his blood flow, hemoglobin metabolism, and muscle movement all at the same time. Using this brief burst of speed, he can use his own physical skills and reaction speed at a level far above human limitations. It allows for split second evasion in front of an enemy, and its power of mobility can make for one of his greatest defenses. Normally double accel is enough to push his body past its limits with brief use, but with Avalon providing regeneration, he is capable of using Time alter - triple accel (固有時制御三倍速, ?) and the quadruple-accelerated time of Time alter - square accel (固有時制御四倍速, ?) for an extended period of time. Using stagnate, he can slow his biological processes, and using Time alter - triple stagnate (固有時制御三重停滞, ?) reduces them to one third of their normal speed, slowing his heart beat to the point where he can barely feel it himself, slowing his breathing so it lags, and reducing his metabolism to the point where body temperature cools quickly enough to almost match room temperature.
  • Time Manipulation
  • Noble Phantasm- With any bit of material Kuro holds, with the required amount of mana, he can transform this material onto the legendary sword of King Arthur, Excalibur
  • King of Knights- This is Kuro's ultimate attack. He raises Excalibur into the air and absorbs the mana and energy of all living things around him. Once he has attained the amount of mana he wants, he screams the name of his weapon and unleashes a raging beam of life energy and mana, destroying every thing in its path.
  • Nightingale- Kurogami streams mana into anything he desires and attacks with the thing.
  • Mana Burst -is the increase in performance caused by infusing one's weapons and body with magical energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of a jet burst by expending large amounts of mana.

A normal weapon that is not on the level of a divine mystery can be destroyed in one blow. Raises defense in several times. Kuro uses this skill mainly for defense and high-speed movement.

  • Mana Burst (Flames)- Mana Burst (Flames) is a version of Mana Burst that infuses weapons with mana that imparts a flame effect.

In Kurogami's case, blazing flames become mana to dwell in the weapon used. This Skill is usually active and all the weapons that Kuro grasps receive this effect.

  • Mana Burst Manipulation- Kuro uses this to manipulate and transform his Mana Burst into any shape or form
  • Mana Burst (Flames) Manipulation- Kurogami uses this to manipulate and transform his Mana Burst (Flames) into any shape or form