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Race Human
Age 1,347 (other-worldly being)
Birthday June 6, 666
Gender Male
Height 6'3
Weight 240 (50 for muscle)
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation The Hunt
Previous Position Founder
Partner Renn
Previous Partner Sorran
Base of Operations Tokyo
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Education PhD (x5), Master's (x2) and Bachelor's Degrees (x3)
Realm Deadman Wonderland

Jigoku is an ancient being who was born in the depths of hell. He is a demon and one of the first Deadmen.


Not much is truly known of Jigoku before going to Deadman Wonderland, other than that he was one of the first people to manipulate blood. His history before is completely a blur, as he is a other-worldly being.

After going to Deadman Wonderland, at the time, many of Ganta's friends had left. He was arrested after it was found out what he truly was, and was put into the prison on a death sentence. However, he has since then escaped, his whereabouts unknown.


He is a calm, well-rounded, smart person. He has powers of unimaginable altitude as a Deadman, considered one of the strongest.

During his self-created Hell state, he beefs up and goes on a rampage, as he uncontrollably gives bloodshed.

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