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Welcome to the ultimate anime fandom database dedicated to all anime-related fan fictions and story-based role-play! Anime Arena Wiki is a collaborative wiki with a community of editors and administrators to help the wiki sprout with fan fictions and role-playing. Note that when role-playing that all characters are to be balanced when not transformed, particularly Dragon Ball characters. On chat, users can role-play with specific story-line arcs, narrated by administrators and sometimes chat moderators. We are currently harboring 42 articles with 74 images.

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The Role-Playing Hub is the section of the wiki dedicated to chat role-play. Users can create a character if they wish and join the role-play in epic stories!
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The Fan Fiction Hub is the section of the wiki dedicated to fan-made stories known as fan fictions (or alternatively fanons) created by editors like you! You can create a fan fiction about any anime franchise as you wish (including Avatar and Legend of Korra), about nearly anything you want!

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  • Yuzura - Administrator • Bureaucrat • Founder
  • Lil' Trunks - Administrator • Bureaucrat
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This section displays the news and updated of the wiki, content, rules and policies, as well as new fan fictions.

June 2013

  • June 15: Wiki was founded by Yuzura.
  • 35px-Fairy_Tail_Icon.png New Fan Fictions! 35px-Bleach_Icon.gif
    This is a list of A-Class fan fictions on the wiki, approved by the Standards Council
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    Seireitei (瀞霊廷 lit. "Court of Pure Souls") is in the center of Soul Society. Seireitei is a circular shiro with four main entrances, ten days walk apart, each guarded by a Gate Guardian. These gates are called the Black Ridge Gate (黒隆門, Kokuryōmon) (in the North), the Blue Stream Gate (青流門, Shōryūmon) (in the East), the Red Hollow Gate (朱洼門, Shuwaimon) (in the South) and the White Way Gate (白道門, Hakutōmon) (in the West). The gates are so heavy that it takes the full might of Jidanbō Ikkanzaka to lift one, while during the Bount-led attack on Seireitei, siege machines were needed to open the gates. There are, however, doors within the gates, as seen when Momo Hinamori first entered the Shinō Academy. The walls of Seireitei are made of Sekkiseki (殺気石, spirit reducing stone), a rare type of stone known to negate all Reiryoku, similar to magnetic lodestones. (Read more)
    35px-Fairy_Tail_Icon.png Featured Character 35px-Bleach_Icon.gif
    Daisuke Sato 3
    Daisuke Satō (佐藤大介 Satō Daisuke) is a brutal swordsman and a member of the Anime Arena administration. He has since been distinguished as being a deadly, blood-thirsty warrior, not to be bravely encountered. He is the former captain of the Eleventh Division, later being promoted to be a Royal Guard. He was nearly exiled from Gotei 13 after being tried for the death of Captain Commander. He succeeded with being found not guilty and the crime went unpunished as they could not find enough justification that Daisuke killed him. He is currently the fourteenth Kenpachi, having killed the twelfth Kenpachi. His title in the Royal Guards is the "Dark Wielder" (ダークワイルダー Dākuwairudā). As of the present, he has the most strategic Zanpakutō‎ of any Kenpachi yet. (Read more)
    35px-4_Star_Dragon_Ball_Edit.png Featured Fan Fiction 35px-Strawhat_crew_jolly_roger.svg.png
    This fan fiction is voted very highly and is considered one of the most popular on the wiki.
    35px-Fairy_Tail_Icon.png Featured User 35px-Bleach_Icon.gif
    Due to founding the wiki and making it so successful, Yuzura has done a great job to help the wiki. He is a great user on the wiki and deserves user of the month, having so many edits and contributions.
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    Anime Arena Wiki is a fandom wiki dedicated to anime-based role-playing and fan fiction. You can freely create your own fan fictions or create a character for yourself to join the role-play! Please contact one of the administrators, currently Yuzura and Lil' Trunks, for some advice or help on the wiki. Also be sure to check out the rules before editing! Best regards!

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    Complete Hollow Ichigo
    Hollow Ichigo
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    Dragon Ball Kai Opening
    Dragon Ball Kai opening

    Dragon Ball Kai opening

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