Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke Urahara
-Anime Arena Shop owner

Welcome to my shop! See anything you like?
Item Price Affect Item Price Affect
Gikon Beli240 Provides a soul with an artificial soul; a temporary body. Saiyan Armor Beli270 Provides the character with extra defense and protection.
S Capsules Beli160 Holds an item of small size. (Pack of five) M Capsules Beli190 Holds an item of a small to medium size. (Pack of three)
L Capsules Beli230 Holds an item or building of nearly any size. Devil's Fruit Beli1300 Gives its user a random permanent special ability.
Kunai Beli100 A weapon often used by ninja. Katana Beli120 A powerful weapon.